Monday, December 7, 2015

New Book Comming Soon....."The Kraken Project"

Rough Draft...........

Antarctica Somewhere Under The Ice

Captain Maslow felt a slight shift under his feet as he braced himself against another blow that was bound to come.
Sweat beaded on his forehead as he stared at the sonar, Shaking his head, he bellowed
“Lieutenant Uvarova hold your course, steady…steady”.
Suddenly the sonar “Pings” ceased.
“Captain Maslow, there seems to be a malfunction with the sonar Sir”.
“Lieutenant Rzaev see if you can fix that..NOW”
“Lieutenant Uvarova update please”
“Captain switching to radar”
“Captain Maslow we have some kind of magnetic abnormality and it’s causing hell with our navigation and communication” Midshipmen Bartrev said.
Nervous looks came from everyone in the control room, as the tension was starting to wear them down.
They had been in the Ice Tube for days, hardly moving 2-3 knots, sometimes not at all.
The Ice tubes were found a year before by a Russian research team, warm fresh water from some unknown source had grooved caverns and tunnels through the ice into the Southern Ocean.   It was thought the tunnels followed the natural curvature  of the valleys of the mountain range that was under the ice, most likely the same as rivers flowed thousands of years ago.
The crew knew that one false move and the sharp Ice would cut into the sub and send them all to the bottom.
“Sir we are having malfunctions throughout the ship” Lieutenant Rzaev said.
Lieutenant Uvarova moved to Captain Maslow side, “Captain my men are scared and exhausted from all these break downs”.
Captain Maslow looked from face to face, knowing his men well, he knew they were tired and soon mistakes would be made.
Pulling out the picture of his family he kept in his shirt pocket for good luck, he touched the spot marked where he always  rubbed the small gold frame when he held it.
Staring at the faces of his wife and the beautiful children his wife had given him, Ahh Pavlo…Nitca I’ll be home soon and you my beautiful Anna please hold a flame for me, for soon I’ll be in your arms.. Shoving the picture back into his pocket he said,
“Lieutenant Uvarova, full stop”
“Sir are you sure?”
“Are you questioning my command again Lieutenant?”
“Of course not Sir, I just feel we are close”
The Captains lean brown face looked troubled..
“Lieutenant we are officers of the USSR not gypsies with crystal balls”
“Full Stop and Now”
Lieutenant Uvarova yelled “Full Stop”
“Lieutenant now maintain our position and let’s change the guard”
Snapping to attention, Lieutenant Uvarova said “Yes Sir” while he saluted Captain Maslow.
Lieutenant Uvarova barked orders to his First Officer to change the guard.
“Lieutenant I would like a word with you in my quarters”
Turning to his second in command of navigation's “Take the helm”
 Following the Captain out of the control room Lieutenant Uvarova braced himself for what was coming.
“Shut the door Lieutenant”
Turning to shut the door the Captain slammed him up against it.
Reaching around him the Captain locked the door and kept the Lieutenants head pinned to the door with his hand..
“OK Lieutenant I’m not sure what you and your men have been planning but I’m three steps ahead of you”
“Captain what the hell is this about, I have no idea what your talking about”
“Like hell Lieutenant you have been questioning my command since we entered this Ice Tube”
“Captain we have been searching these Ice Tubes for days trying to find a way to Vostok Lake, we are all exhausted”
Shoving his head hard into the door again.
The Lieutenant Stifling a cry for help “Sir we have been concerned for you”
Laughing the captain said “For me? I am fine” It is you who needs medical attention.
Keeping  him pinned up against the door, Lieutenant Uvarova felt a knife point piercing his flesh.
“How would you like me to kill you right here and now for mutiny?”
“Sir I beg you, let the Doctors look you over, maybe it’s only something minor, maybe it’s radiation poisoning and your the first to show signs”
The Captain thought for a moment.
“I’ve not heard any warning of radiation leakage from the reactors".
“And what? Maybe the Doctor is in it with you and he gives me a shot to silence me forever?”
“Is that what you want Lieutenant?”
A crackle came out of the loud speaker and than the broadcast warning klaxon sound came next ….
“Captain Maslow to the bridge ASAP”
Releasing the Lieutenant, Captain Maslow hissed, “We’ll finish this later”
Knocking the Lieutenant out of his way the Captain stormed out of his cabin.
Lieutenant Uvarova touch the spot on his back and his hand came away with blood  .
Pulling the Captains desk draw open he lifted out the pistol he knew was there and put it in his pocket.
Realizing fate had given him a crappy hand he headed for the door, “The time has come to put an end to this insanity”
Moving through the gangway he felt the Sub pitch forward as the ballast filled with air, as the nose of the Sub started to raise he thought.
“My God he is going to kill us all” 

“Captain Maslow the sonar and radar are not reading anything above us”
“Thats impossible” but the words faded from his lips as his face turned gray with worry.
“Unless we found Lake Vostok”
A murmuring between the men in the control room turned to excited talk..
“Quiet now I need to think”
Surveying  the faces of the men under his control the Captain realized there was only one  decision to be made… “We are surfacing for Mother Russia”
“Fill the Ballast slowly, Lieutenant Korneyev”
“Raise the periscope” The Captain yelled
“Raise us slowly Lieutenant, I don’t want to be bumping into anything”
“Midshipmen Bartrev, can we talk to the Base yet”
“No Sir there has been interference since we entered the Ice Tube”
“What about Ultra-low FM band”
“No Sir”
“How about carrier pigeon?”
Everyone in the control burst into laughter
Breaking the tension in his men before they surface would help in what lay ahead.
The Captain felt a jolt from under his feet.
“Sir we have surfaced”
“Surfaced” he rolled the word around in his mouth. It had been months since he had touched land.

They had already been two weeks out testing this new secret Class K-10 Double Titanium hulled Sub "The Kraken" a big brother of the "Leninskiy Komsomol" but with modifications for range, depth, food storage and a science lab, it could reach depths of 5000m and stay under water for years or until they ran out of food.
When he receive a dispatch with information for this detour, he was happy to serve Mother Russia until he read what they expected him to find, as the Americans say … a pin in a hay stack.

A wild goose chase of course, but who was he to question Mother Russia?
But now they were on the edge of a discovery that would gain them all medals…if they lived long enough to enjoy it.
“Lieutenant Vaelbe mark our location, date and time”
“Sir location marked, Date: 17th, July 1962
Perfect he thought, all eyes are on the Leninskiy Komsomol at the North Pole, a perfect decoy for him and his crew at the bottom of the world.
Grasping the periscope, he looked around the room, it was the first time he noticed the pungent smell of sweat mixed with oil and fear in the control room.
Searching the faces in the control room for any hope that may be left he knew they needed some type of hope,something to get them through this..
"Men we are on the eve of a discovery that has evaded mankind for thousands of years and we will soon go home as hero’s"
Cheers rose from the men, as the Captain turned his cap around and peered through the periscope.
Quickly he turned it another direction, than another as if he was searching for something..
The laughter turned into silence as the seconds turned into minutes as they patiently waited for some words from the Captain.
Frantically he swung the periscope left than right and around as if  he  couldn't believe what he saw.
"Mother of God" escaped his lips...
Behind him he heard a scream as his name was called…
“Captain Maslow I hereby remove you from command”
The Captain pulled his eyes from the periscope and stared at his own pistol that was aimed at his heart and the hand that was holding it ..slowly he lifted his eyes and looked into the face of insanity.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paragraph Daily "Dead End"

Rough Draft...........

"He'll listen to me"
"Bishop do you think he did it"
Looking at the Sheriff and back to Sadie he said "I'm not sure, I wasn't there when he grew to be a man but from what I remember it's not in his soul to do it"
"Why do you say that"
"Because god gave me all of the killin' to be done"
Sadie looked at him "Bishop thats behind you"
"Yes it is but I've done enough to take care of it for all of us".
"So what are you going to do?" she asked him
The Sheriff finally spoke up, "Nothing at the minute. I've sent a telegraph to the Sheriff in Yuma asking for more information"
"Sadie I've got to get to Yuma"  Bishop said
"I think the Sheriff is right we should sit tight until we hear back from Yuma"
Bishop gave the Sheriff a hard glance "Ok I'll wait a day"
The Sheriff  shivered, from the look Bishop had given him.
"Bishop I promise the minute I get word back, you'll know it"
"Also I've got an idea how to get to Yuma quicker"
"Well we can load the horses up on the train and take it to Yuma, from there we go horse back"
"Not a bad Idea Sheriff that should save us days on the trail"
"Not to put a stopper in your planning but lunch is getting cold" Sadie said
Pulling up a chair, Bishop looked around at everyone, "I'm not much at saying Grace but I will say this, God help my brother if he is guilty and if he ain't God help the ones who did this to him.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dead End Paragraph Daily in Rough Draft

Paragraph Daily........ Rough Draft  Pre-Order Today

"Sheriff  it says here he robbed a stage coach and killed everyone there so how do they know what he looks like?"
"Yea I caught that too, so I sent a telegraph to the Sheriff in Yuma asking the same question and what was the latest information"
"I can't believed Billy killed anyone, he was a quiet kid, shy as you could imagine"
"Bishop people change"
"I can't believe it"
Walking in silence, Bishop was deep in thought, What could of gone wrong, he asked himself.
Bishop knew he had to find Billy and quick before he ended up dead.
"Bishop I know how you are, just take a breath until we get word back from Yuma"
"Sheriff you know I can't do that, I need to find Billy"
"You have know idea where to look"
"I'll start at Yuma"

Sadie stood there with her arms crossed with a frown "What about Yuma"
"Sadie it's my brother Billy, he is in trouble"
"What kind of trouble?"
Looking uncomfortable as he said "They say he robbed a Stage and killed everyone"
Her hand went to her mouth as she said "Oh my God Bishop"
"Sadie I don't believe it"
"What if he did?"
"Than it's up to me to bring him in before some bounty hunter or itchy finger lawman tries to bring him in"

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Paragraph Daily is Back......Read my new book in Rough Draft...

Paragraph Daily....Rough Draft...On Sale Dec 15th, Pre-order Today..

Taking another look over the town before he climbed down, he felt like the town was mostly back to were it was before that night 6 months ago,  Sadie and his job was almost done here and than what?
Maybe they would stay or maybe find another place, this one they had grew close to in the short time they've been here.
Even the towns people were making comments about them staying on.
Bishop looked up at the blaring sun, wiping his head with his shirt sleeve "Well if I know one thing for sure, it's hotter then hell up here" he said mainly to himself.
"You coming down today?" Sheriff Allen yelled up
"Hold your horses Sheriff I'm coming"
"I ain't getting any younger Bishop" 
Stepping off the ladder Bishop turned to the Sheriff
"Well Sheriff, let's have some Lunch"
"Bishop I need to talk to you for a minute, Sadie we'll catch up"
"Ok you two don't be getting any idea's about skipping Lunch for a drink"
Bishop caught the look of concern on the Sheriffs  face
"Sadie we'll be right there I promise"
Hesitating Sadie looked from the Sheriff to Bishop and said "Ok don't let the food get cold"
After she left Sheriff Allen pulled a folded paper from his pocket and handed it to Bishop.
"The train brought this poster here for me to hang"
Bishop opened it up and stared at it...
He hadn't seen Billy for several years but this sure looked like him.
Bishop did not want his reputation to follow him to his family and cause harm to them so he stayed away.
But from the poster he could see that maybe he should of gone home more often, because his kid brother was on the wrong side of the $25,000 worth of  the wrong-side.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Book Out Summer of 2016 "The Kraken Effect"

Rough Draft....

A wild goose chase for sure, but who was he to question Mother Russia?
But now they were on the edge of a discovery that would gain them all medals…if they lived long enough to enjoy it.
Captain Maslow announced “Lieutenant Vaelbe mark our location, date and time”
“Sir location marked, Date: 17th, July 1962
Perfect he thought, all eyes are on the Leninskiy Komsomol at the North Pole, a perfect decoy for him and his crew at the bottom of the world.
Grasping the periscope, he looked around the room, it was the first time he noticed the pungent smell of sweat mixed with oil in the control room.
Searching the faces in the room for any hope that may be left he said,
"Men we are on the eve of a discovery that has evaded mankind for thousands of years"
Cheers rose from the men, as the Captain turned his cap around and peered through the periscope.
Quickly he turned it another direction, than another as if he was searching for something..
The laughter turned into silence as the seconds turned into minutes as they patiently waited for some words from the Captain.
Frantically he swung the periscope left than right and around as if  he  couldn't believe what he saw.
"Mother of God" escaped his lips...
Behind him he heard a scream as his name was called…
“Captain Maslow I hereby remove you from command”
The Captain pulled his eyes from the periscope and stared at his pistol that was aimed at his heart and the hand that was holding it ..slowly he lifted his eyes and looked into the face of insanity.

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Read my latest (NaNoWriMo) Ebook in rough draft..A paragraph a day....

This is NaNoWriMo Month watch my book progress

Paragraph Daily....


"Son of a bitch", throwing the hammer down, Bishop looked at his bloody finger.
If  I  keep this up I'm not going have any fingers left he thought.
"Did I hear something up there?"  He heard Sadie yelling at him.
"I heard that".
Bishop started laughing," I'm not much of a carpenter I guess he yelled down to her".
"Well come on down it's lunch time and the Sheriff needs to talk to you".

They had been here for the last 6 months helping the towns people rebuild after the big fire engulfed most of it.
Six months since he killed the outlaws that started it all...
Three months since Sadie and him married..
Bishop had been pushed into being an outlaw, a gunfighter early in his life.
Sometimes  bad people needed killin'  and Bishop Hannigan had been a fixer of bad people  bringing rights to the wrongs.
Tall and muscular, Bishop topped 6'2" and 200lbs, but even at that he still had to use his 45 Colt at times and god save the people on the other end of it.
He was tired of the trail and was ready to settle down when he found Sadie, together they workd hard at rebuilding this small town that had been burnt to the foundations.
Bishop had been feeling  restless lately, he tried to hide it from Sadie but he was sure she knew, how couldn't she? how many times did she find him staring out onto the plains?  Saddling his horse for a "Short Ride" only to be gone for hours.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

DEAD END Read a Pararaph Daily from my New Rough Draft form..

Paragraph Daily....Rough Draft...

"I once knew a man from Idaho, now that was a man I'd ride the trail with again, none the better"
"What was his name" Billy asked
"Well I'll be, that's my Paw" Billy mustered,
"Yea right and I've got some coyote skins I'll sell ya"
"Sam, Frank is my paw"
"Now is it, Did he ever tell you about Comanche Trail?"
Billy smiled, "He never was at Comanche Trail he wanted to, but a buddy of his came up sick...Lucky for both of them I'd say"
"That was me that came up sick" Sam said
"How is Frank? I hadn't seen him in years"
Billy looked down at the ground, feeling the cold of the night he said, "He died several years back"
"Sorry to hear that, he was a good man"
"Look son, I'm putting you in jail for your own safety, if I don't those outlaws will kill you for this here gold, hell maybe both of us still".
"Billy I owe your paw, he got me out of a scrape or two when we rode together, So lets put the gold in the bank safe and sort all this out"
"Sam I need that Gold, we need it"
"Billy you need to tell me where you hid the gold"
"Son if it wasn't for the killings at the stage I might of been able to get you out of the thief of the gold if you returned it"
Kicking at the dirt Billy spun around, "Sam I didn't kill anyone, someone else must of had robbery intensions but came too late"
"Billy calm down, I'll telegraph your family maybe we can sort this out before the judge gets here".
"Sam sorry for hitting you, I misread what was going on"
Grimacing as he Touched his head Sam said "Yea well I owe you one"
 Billy studied Sam for a moment looking for a sign he was kidding before he grinned and turned around walking to jail.
Billy knew he couldn't wait around for the judge he had to get to Moab with that Gold.
 He didn't kill anyone and he sure as hell wasn't going to hang for something he didn't do, hopefully the telegraph will get to Bishop and soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Paragraph Daily...DEAD END at Four Corners, Nevada

Paragraph Daily-Rough Draft

The Doc was already working on Jimmy, when Vince got back inside.
Jimmy looked at Vince " I'm OK that old bastard about kill'd me but Doc here says if I stay on my back for a week or two I'll be fine isn't that right Doc" ?
"Yea it's an in and out wound far enough to the side it missed most vitals. But to be sure he has to stay off his feet and let it mend"..
Vince thought for a moment, "yea thats fine Jimmy we got a reason to stay here for a bit, a real good reason".

Billy turned on Sam, "So your on all this, I thought you were the Sheriff?"
"Take it easy Billy I just saved your hide back there and no I'm not in on it, But they've got the upper hand here"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean Vince and his crew blew in a couple of weeks ago and just took control"
"But your the law Sam"
"So what!  He has  six guns with him and I've only got me, what did you expect me to do?"
Billy just stood there shaking his head, "I expect you to let me go"
"Now Billy you know I can't do that, they will kill me and Betty"
"Like hell Sam"
"Billy get going before they notice us talking"
With that Sam shoved him again with the shotgun.
"Billy I've got a plan to save us but you still have to answer to the judge when he gets here"
"Sam I need to get back to Moab"
"Son you might not every get back"
Billy tried to think, to figure out a way to get free but with a shotgun riding your ribs it seemed impossible.
"Sam can you do one thing for me ?"
" What, Let you go?" Sam laughed
"No telegraph my family in Idaho"
Sam eyed Billy up and down "you got family in Idaho?"
"Yea I hadn't seen them in years, I think it's time"
"We'll see"

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Read a Paragraph Daily of my New Book.."Dead End"

Paragraph Daily...

"Whose side are you on Sam?"
"I'm the law Vince and the gold and Billy are under my protection until the Judge gets here"
"Now stand back or I'm I going to have to cut you in half"
Punching Billy again "Vince said We'll finish this later Boy"
Billy fell to his knees gasping for breath.
Billy wasn't worried about how long he could hold out, he was worried about what was going to happen to Sara and her family if he didn't get back in time with the Gold...
Tasting blood in his mouth Billy struggled to his feet.
Vince drew back his fist to strike again and Sam said "Hold it right there Vince the boy has had enough, boys back up now unless you want to be digging buckshot out of your hide, I've got to lock him up for now".
Turning to Vince, Sam said "Vince this can wait, I'm the law and this kid broke it so he is my prisoner now. the judge will be here in a couple of days and he will get his due"..
Sam point at the Saloon doors and said, "Vince you need to be worried about your brother"
Vince drew in a breath as a hint of remembrance crossed his face "Shit"  he started back into the Saloon  but before he went through the door he turned to Billy "This isn't over boy, not by a long shot"!
Billy lips thinned as he snarled "I'll be waiting"
Jabbing Billy in the back with his shot gun, Sam said, "Ok son lets head on over to the Restaurant they got a potato cellar that has only one door and it's a mighty sound door at that

Monday, November 2, 2015

Read a Paragraph Daily in Rough Draft ...Pre-Order Now!

Paragraph Daily
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No Escape

Billy ran right into a Winchester...
"Well look what we have here boys, looks like we have a runner"
Vince burst through the doors and yells “hold onto him”
"Don't worry boss we got him"
Billy couldn't do anything but stand there holding his saddlebags.
Vince walked up to him holding his hand that was now wrapped with a blood dripping rag.
"Ok kid open the saddlebags"
"Go to hell"
The cowboy with the winchester, shoved the barrel into his gut folding Billy over.
Billy fought to catch his breath as Vince took his saddlebags from him.
The cowboy with the winchester pulled Billy's 45 from it’s holster "Well you won’t be needing this" and stuck it into his belt.
"Boys looks like this boy did all the hard work for us now wasn’t that nice of him?"
"Yea, Vince nice guy too bad his gotta die"
"Yea too bad Vince said"
Vince Looked at Billy, "Where is the Gold?"
"Go fuck yourself"
Vince hit him hard "I ain't going to ask twice"
"Now you boys hold on" Sam said as he came through the saloon doors.
"You can't up and kill him"
"And why not" Vince said
“Because this here shotgun says so"
Sam leveled the shotgun at Vince
"Son of a bitch"

Friday, October 30, 2015

Paragraph Daily...Read My New Book Daily

Paragraph Daily.....

The piano player started up with Dixie as Billy stared back and forth from Vince to Jim
"Sam better sends someone for the undertaker,” Billy said.
Sam started laughing, “Now ain’t you funny”
Vince look here we have a funny guy
A gray cloud passed over Billy's face...he started to understand now, they were all in it together, Sam, Vince, and Jim
So you sold out did ya, Sam.
Billy, money is money and we all need it, now hand over the gold and nobody needs to get hurt.
A shot rang out, Jim stumbled back holding his chest, blood filled his hands and wetting the front of his shirt.
Everyone's attention had been on Billy, so no one noticed Chuck pulling his gun for the last time.
Side stepping the Shotgun Billy grabbed it by the barrel and jerked it hard causing Sam to pull the triggers.
As the shotgun went off, Vince’s 45 flew From his grip, grabbing  his hand, Vince howled in pain.
As the gun smoked filled the air People scrambled to find a safe haven either out the front door or taking refuge behind tables.
Drawing his Colt, Billy pistol whipped Sam, picking up his saddle bags he flew out the door into the night.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Dead End" Paragraph Daily...

Paragraph Daily...
Rough Draft...

Billy heard a double click of a double barrel shot hammers being cocked behind him.
Glancing behind him he saw Sam had the shotgun up on the bar aimed at Jim and now he was wearing a Sheriff’s Star.
“Now Jim, stand down this has nothing to do with you”
“He is right Jimmy no need in you getting hurt,” Vince said
“Sheriff this no good, This bounty hunter has been on our tail for weeks”
“And rightfully so from what I gathered from the wanted posters”
“We didn’t rob that stage someone else got there before us”  Jimmy muttered.
“Chuck spoke up, yeah that's right Sheriff, good to know I have backup”
Chuck turned to Jimmy “Either your right or you and your brother are in with the cowboy who did rob the gold shipment”.
Turning back to Vince Chuck said, “Vince what I meant was I was on the trail of a robber or robbers who held up a gold shipment in Yuma and it brought me right to you”
Vince smiled as he asked, “ so did you find him?”
Billy started edging for the side door when he heard Sam behind him “Bill stay right where you are”
Two shots fired.
Swinging around, Billy saw Chuck Wright grab his chest as he staggered back from the force of the 45 slugs hitting him before he tumbled to the floor.
Billy straightened up and looked at Vince, what he saw made his blood run cold. Vince was smiling at him with an evil grin...
"Well, Well,  I’m guessing you're the cowboy old Chuck was trailing because I recognize everyone else here”.
Billy's hand moved towards his 45 Colt when he felt a nudge from behind.
“Son takes your hand from that leg iron or I’ll cut you in two with this here shotgun”.
"Sam what the hell is going on here" Billy pleaded?
“Looks like we have here the robber of that Yuma Stage and those saddle bags of yours I’m guessing  are full of gold”
“No one is taking my Gold”

Monday, October 26, 2015

Paragraph A Day.. "Dead End" My latest Book in the Series "Hannigan"

Installment 5   "GOLD"


Hearing the room go silent Billy glanced down the bar at the cowboys that had been fighting.
The one called Jim Calder had walked out to the middle of the room.
“Hey, you, Big mouth what did you say about the Lady?”
“Well  look what we have here, a boy, and his come to save the day”.
It’s not the age that stands before you, it’s the miles that have worn my patients down for loud mouths like you.
Billy slowly turned around, he didn’t like the idea of getting shot in the back.
“Smart mouth too I see, before I kill you, sonny, what's your name?”
“Jim Calder, old man” Jim squared himself up as he stared at the bounty hunter.
Chuck Wright stood there for a moment looking unsure of himself.
“You know a Vince Calder?”
“Yea he is my brother”
Chuck started laughing, “So where is that good for nothing snake of a brother of yours?”
If the room could have got quieter it would of when a voice behind Chuck said, “Right Behind You”
Vince had made his way through the swinging doors without notice and now he stood right behind Chuck.
Slowly Chuck turned around, “Well well if it ain’t the snake eater himself the famous Vince Calder”.
Vince stared at him, “I thought we lost you at  High Plains”.
“You did, but I guess it’s my  lucky day, two for one”
Vince looked confused, “What do you mean two for one my brother isn’t wanted?”
“Well Vince no harm in telling you because you're either going to be dead or in jail by the end of the night”
“Like hell, Jim yelled

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fourth Installment Of "Dead End" a paragraph daily ....

The end of Chapter One....

"Billy keep your eyes off my daughter Betty" Sam laughed,
Taking a breath, Billy said, "Sorry Sam I've been on the trail too long.
Betty spoke up "Paw leave him alone he didn't mean any harm"
She caught Billy's eyes with hers and held them for what seemed like hours, finally she smiled and looked away.
"Betty get upstairs and get a hot bath ready for this young man and
fresh sheets in room 6"
"Yes, paw" turning she headed up the staircase. A voice down the bar piped up "Well that's a fine woman there and it looks like she needs a man"
"Keep your mind in check stranger and your mouth shut that's my daughter"
"Who is going to make me barkeep?"
Billy watched as Sam's hand inched underneath the bar probably where he kept his shotgun.
"Barkeep if I was you I'd act like a rock and stop moving that hand or I'm going to take it personal"
"Yea and who are you mister".
"Chuck Wright"
Sam Froze...Billy noticed the 41 Colt Lightening strapped to his chest... Wright had his hat pulled low favoring his right side.
Not Now, Billy thought,
Quietly Billy said, "Sam stand down"
Sweat was beading up on Sam's forehead as he said.
"Look, Mister, I don't want any trouble, so tell you what, the next round is on the house"
Billy did a Whoop- whoop and everyone in the saloon started up too.
After the drinks had been poured, and the laughter died down, Billy asked Sam "You know who that is?"
"He's Bounty Hunter", Sam whispered
"Killed three men in El Paso about  six months ago, brutally shot one in the back as he tried to run away"...
So any idea why he is here?
Not a clue, other than he must be after someone.
Shit, Billy thought....

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Third Installment Of "Dead End" a paragraph daily ....

3rd Installment...Rough Draft

"I'm Billy Hannigan and you are?"
"Sam Butcher the owner of this fine establishment and part-time sheriff pleased to meet you"
Billy stared at him for a moment, until Sam stuck his hand out.
Muscles bulged from the Barkeeps forearms as his hand hung in mid-air
Billy could tell this was no life time barkeep this man has seen some trails.
 Breaking the tension, Billy grabbed it and said Well Sheriff
"Nice meeting you, now how about that good stuff"
Sam pulled a bottle of Whiskey out from underneath the bar.
"No problem anything else I can help you with?"
"Yea I need a room, a bath and a place to eat".
"Well, you're at the right place for most of your needs"...
"And Sam I need a telegraph office?"
Sam laughed "Sure but first let me get you a room ready and a hot bath"
Turning, Sam yelled into the back room "Betty we've got a paying customer he needs a room and a hot bath"
Loud noise imminent  from the end of the bar, an argument between two cowboys sounded pretty heated.
"Don't mind them, it's just some drifter,  Jim Calder and one of his hands".
"From the sound of it I'd say it's not friendly, Sam"…
“Yea something about being late or something like that".
Billy tried to drown out the arguing as he let the  whiskey moisten his mouth before it burned all the way down.
Sam pour me another and tell the piano player to kick it up a notch I'm getting tired of the noise.
A beautiful blond came out of the back room,  she was a beauty with her hair tied up high. Billy could see the white skin of her neck, it looked like fine china, his eyes drifted up to her mouth and her lips. She had the eyes of a wild animal, making the blood flow into his lower extremities.
Swallowing hard, Billy tried to find his voice but nothing left his lips, so he just sat there with his mouth gaped.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

C.A. DAYHOFF: "Dead End" Paragraph per day....

C.A. DAYHOFF: "Dead End" Paragraph per day....: Pre-Order Rough Draft.....  "Well you better get the Doc to take a look at that nothing" Hearing the music and laughter co...

"Dead End" Paragraph per day....


Rough Draft.....

 "Well you better get the Doc to take a look at that nothing"
Hearing the music and laughter coming from the Saloon again, Billy wiped his brow with his sleeve, his thirst just took a hike up about two notches.
"OK kid you've got yourself a deal but once you are done come over to the Saloon and I'll give you another two bits if you feed him some oats too"
"Thanks, Mister"
"It's Billy Hannigan"
"I'm Tom Shoemaker"
"Well, OK Tom let's shake on it"
Billy shook the kids hand
"Tom you better get that eye looked at"
"I will Mister"
Who hit you Tom?
Handing Tom the reins of his horse, he carefully lifted his saddle bags off his horse.
"Well Tom when you come for the two bits I want an answer on who hit you"
Tom looked like a scared rabbit getting ready to bolt.
"Yes Sir" he finally said while he held made a choking sound..
"You ok?"
"Yes Sir"
Okay take care of my horse Tom..
Heading for the Saloon, Billy tried not to show how heavy his gold filled saddle bags were.
Turning back to Tom, "Tom take it easy with him, talk to him he is a good horse".
"Yes Sir Mister Hannigan"
Shaking his head Billy pushed through the doors of the Saloon taking in his surroundings as he headed for the bar.
 What he saw was always the same in places like this, gamblers, saloon girls, drunks and Men who didn't want to be bothered, men that had something to hide.
Billy took it all in, he had learned from his brother Bishop how to enter a room sizing it up without anyone noticing. Knocking the dust from his hat one last time he noticed a vacant spot at the end of the bar that wasn't too close to anyone.
Billy didn't want to answer questions or catch any prying eyes, he just wanted a drink, a room, food and a hot bath.
"Whall have Mister?", the barkeep asked,
"Whiskey and not that cheap pig swill" Billy smiled back at him.
"Mister I'm here to tell you that all our whiskey is the cheap shit for people with no name"
Billy laughed at that

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My New Book "Dead End" A Paragraph a day...

Dropping from his saddle, a cloud of dust rose as Billy's boots hit the dirt.
His mouth felt like sandpaper, nothing that a cold drink won't fix he thought.
He had ridden hard just to get here, taking every back trail he could find, watching his back for a posse that was bound to be back there or some other followers with bad intentions.
  Only couple more days of riding and he could set things right.
He missed Sara, and the beautiful round valley where the cattle ranch lay.
Just thinking of getting back to it all with the life blood that would keep everything intact, so that he and Sara could get married.
Tired, hungry and thirsty but most of all he was free, Billy smiled, soon he'll be back to his love.
Over the top of his saddle he Looked around for any danger or signs someone had recognized him.
Doesn’t even look like this hole in the wall even has a Sheriff he thought,
Finally he could relax, nothing was out of place, just another few hours rest and he would be back.
Shifting his gaze, he grinned at the sight of the saloon as he listened to the music and sounds of voices drifting out.
He knew Sara wouldn't like him having a drink, She knew how he can get, from the drink.
Shoving that memory from his head, he told himself..Only one drink, food, bath and sleep that’s it.
He needed to get back on the trail by sunrise if he wanted to get back to Moab by Monday.
Looking around again he was satisfied nothing was out of place.
Nope this was just a normal town in the middle of nowhere, He just needed to rest his horse and get a good night sleep after so many days on the trail, eating beans and smelling his own filth.
Sleep, good food, bath and a drink not necessarily in that order was what he needed
How ironic he thought, standing in front of the Four Corners Saloon in Dead End, Nevada depending how which exit he took out of town is what state he would be in...Dead End yea right he laughed to himself.
Billy Slapped the dust off his hat as he wrapped the reins from his horse to the hitching post.
Turning to his horse he whispered in his ear, "Well old boy you carried me through again" patting the horse's neck, music and laughter were still filtering out of the Saloon."
"Just one drink and I'll take you to the stable he whispered to the horse".
"Hey mister" Looking back Billy saw a kid of 10-12 years of age. "Mister for two bits I'll take him to the stable and rub him down.."
"Sure kid and you'll take off with him, never to be seen again.."
"No Sir, just trying to make some money for my maw," Noticing the kid had a black eye, Billy asked
"Kid what happened to your face?"

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Limited Time!! Box Set of my Terror Series....Vol 1-4 $ 0.99

Terror Box Set Vol 1-4 For only 0.99 Limited Time!!


The many ways not to write..your next novel UPDATED Oct-2015


I've had sometime with some of these and learned something new


The many ways not to write..your next novel


Well it’s time to start writing again…a story is forming and my lead character is getting restless.  
It’s been 9 months since I wrote the last book of the series, I had decided to take a fork in the road and start another series in a complete different genre.
But now I’m back and ready to write book 3 of my Hannigan series.. But first I have to do something….

I have to make sure I’m using the perfect software for me and the job…Ok OK I know you don’t need software, a pen and paper can work just fine..ask anyone.

But I like the chase…the thrill..the download or maybe an online account which may or may not open the door for me to write that Perfect Novel or Novelette ..

First off I already own the best…the second best…the third..on….and on…

So what could be better then Scrivener ? or Writeway Pro or Writeitnow or Ywriter5 or Quoll Writer or Storybox2…Ostorybook 4.10…Plume Creator.. Liquid Story Binder(Deadware)...on and on

Maybe it’s a Online Fastpencil or Litlift..Hiveworld…Novlr…Truenovelist …Yarney or mywriting spot…writeitPro..

Or maybe it’s a in between writing program(Computer/Cloud?
Bibisco or Shaxpir  or….

And then we get into the distraction free programs… Your lucky I won’t get into those because I’m already distracted with finding the perfect software so I can get started writing…
Conclusion….Just Write!!!

But to make this a little more fun…

I like Scrivener but something keeps me from loving it…so I look...

Ywriter5 (FREE) is great.... but ugly…jezzzzzz give me some colors….

Writeitnow4 …tone down the colors I feel like I’m at Disney Land

WritewayPro… I like it..

Storybox 2   too much is going on …the screen is very busy

Quoll Writer.(FREE)… word count is to far away… Us writers like to know our counts…WAIT, I found you can have up to 3 panes open and one can be static's which includes Word Count-Readability and more... I'm liking this one more and more...!!

Ostorybook 4.10 (FREE)  Juror is still out…but looks promising

Plume Creator(Free)   I like it… simple but functional..I will write with it soon.(Ran into a clinch and now it's lost my settings..NOT GOOD because I've read about this happening So I feel this software isn't ready for prime-time)

Of the online programs(FREE)…I like  Fastpencil and Truenovelist the most.

In betweens….Bibisco…is the best and it's free
 Shaxpir is OK(Ran into problem or setting change in my computer and now after I type in my password and hit enter I get a blank screen..I've tried reinstalling..still the same, I tried contacting the company..NOTHING no support)..  

The winner is…

Scrivener Of course…. I always seem to finish with it after starting with another program… 

This time I’m going to start with Bibisco Liquid Story Binder because I like the flexibility of the program..I can have as many panes open as I want... Which means I can have inspiration quotes in one, Plot guide lines in another, Outline, on and on...
Not hard to get started... just remember
Binder is folder your story is in
Planner is the table of contents or tree
You build your chapters/everything from the planner...