Monday, November 9, 2015

Read my latest (NaNoWriMo) Ebook in rough draft..A paragraph a day....

This is NaNoWriMo Month watch my book progress

Paragraph Daily....


"Son of a bitch", throwing the hammer down, Bishop looked at his bloody finger.
If  I  keep this up I'm not going have any fingers left he thought.
"Did I hear something up there?"  He heard Sadie yelling at him.
"I heard that".
Bishop started laughing," I'm not much of a carpenter I guess he yelled down to her".
"Well come on down it's lunch time and the Sheriff needs to talk to you".

They had been here for the last 6 months helping the towns people rebuild after the big fire engulfed most of it.
Six months since he killed the outlaws that started it all...
Three months since Sadie and him married..
Bishop had been pushed into being an outlaw, a gunfighter early in his life.
Sometimes  bad people needed killin'  and Bishop Hannigan had been a fixer of bad people  bringing rights to the wrongs.
Tall and muscular, Bishop topped 6'2" and 200lbs, but even at that he still had to use his 45 Colt at times and god save the people on the other end of it.
He was tired of the trail and was ready to settle down when he found Sadie, together they workd hard at rebuilding this small town that had been burnt to the foundations.
Bishop had been feeling  restless lately, he tried to hide it from Sadie but he was sure she knew, how couldn't she? how many times did she find him staring out onto the plains?  Saddling his horse for a "Short Ride" only to be gone for hours.

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