Thursday, November 5, 2015

DEAD END Read a Pararaph Daily from my New Rough Draft form..

Paragraph Daily....Rough Draft...

"I once knew a man from Idaho, now that was a man I'd ride the trail with again, none the better"
"What was his name" Billy asked
"Well I'll be, that's my Paw" Billy mustered,
"Yea right and I've got some coyote skins I'll sell ya"
"Sam, Frank is my paw"
"Now is it, Did he ever tell you about Comanche Trail?"
Billy smiled, "He never was at Comanche Trail he wanted to, but a buddy of his came up sick...Lucky for both of them I'd say"
"That was me that came up sick" Sam said
"How is Frank? I hadn't seen him in years"
Billy looked down at the ground, feeling the cold of the night he said, "He died several years back"
"Sorry to hear that, he was a good man"
"Look son, I'm putting you in jail for your own safety, if I don't those outlaws will kill you for this here gold, hell maybe both of us still".
"Billy I owe your paw, he got me out of a scrape or two when we rode together, So lets put the gold in the bank safe and sort all this out"
"Sam I need that Gold, we need it"
"Billy you need to tell me where you hid the gold"
"Son if it wasn't for the killings at the stage I might of been able to get you out of the thief of the gold if you returned it"
Kicking at the dirt Billy spun around, "Sam I didn't kill anyone, someone else must of had robbery intensions but came too late"
"Billy calm down, I'll telegraph your family maybe we can sort this out before the judge gets here".
"Sam sorry for hitting you, I misread what was going on"
Grimacing as he Touched his head Sam said "Yea well I owe you one"
 Billy studied Sam for a moment looking for a sign he was kidding before he grinned and turned around walking to jail.
Billy knew he couldn't wait around for the judge he had to get to Moab with that Gold.
 He didn't kill anyone and he sure as hell wasn't going to hang for something he didn't do, hopefully the telegraph will get to Bishop and soon.

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