Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paragraph Daily "Dead End"

Rough Draft...........

"He'll listen to me"
"Bishop do you think he did it"
Looking at the Sheriff and back to Sadie he said "I'm not sure, I wasn't there when he grew to be a man but from what I remember it's not in his soul to do it"
"Why do you say that"
"Because god gave me all of the killin' to be done"
Sadie looked at him "Bishop thats behind you"
"Yes it is but I've done enough to take care of it for all of us".
"So what are you going to do?" she asked him
The Sheriff finally spoke up, "Nothing at the minute. I've sent a telegraph to the Sheriff in Yuma asking for more information"
"Sadie I've got to get to Yuma"  Bishop said
"I think the Sheriff is right we should sit tight until we hear back from Yuma"
Bishop gave the Sheriff a hard glance "Ok I'll wait a day"
The Sheriff  shivered, from the look Bishop had given him.
"Bishop I promise the minute I get word back, you'll know it"
"Also I've got an idea how to get to Yuma quicker"
"Well we can load the horses up on the train and take it to Yuma, from there we go horse back"
"Not a bad Idea Sheriff that should save us days on the trail"
"Not to put a stopper in your planning but lunch is getting cold" Sadie said
Pulling up a chair, Bishop looked around at everyone, "I'm not much at saying Grace but I will say this, God help my brother if he is guilty and if he ain't God help the ones who did this to him.

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