Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dead End Paragraph Daily in Rough Draft

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"Sheriff  it says here he robbed a stage coach and killed everyone there so how do they know what he looks like?"
"Yea I caught that too, so I sent a telegraph to the Sheriff in Yuma asking the same question and what was the latest information"
"I can't believed Billy killed anyone, he was a quiet kid, shy as you could imagine"
"Bishop people change"
"I can't believe it"
Walking in silence, Bishop was deep in thought, What could of gone wrong, he asked himself.
Bishop knew he had to find Billy and quick before he ended up dead.
"Bishop I know how you are, just take a breath until we get word back from Yuma"
"Sheriff you know I can't do that, I need to find Billy"
"You have know idea where to look"
"I'll start at Yuma"

Sadie stood there with her arms crossed with a frown "What about Yuma"
"Sadie it's my brother Billy, he is in trouble"
"What kind of trouble?"
Looking uncomfortable as he said "They say he robbed a Stage and killed everyone"
Her hand went to her mouth as she said "Oh my God Bishop"
"Sadie I don't believe it"
"What if he did?"
"Than it's up to me to bring him in before some bounty hunter or itchy finger lawman tries to bring him in"

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