Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paragraph Daily "Dead End"

Rough Draft...........

"He'll listen to me"
"Bishop do you think he did it"
Looking at the Sheriff and back to Sadie he said "I'm not sure, I wasn't there when he grew to be a man but from what I remember it's not in his soul to do it"
"Why do you say that"
"Because god gave me all of the killin' to be done"
Sadie looked at him "Bishop thats behind you"
"Yes it is but I've done enough to take care of it for all of us".
"So what are you going to do?" she asked him
The Sheriff finally spoke up, "Nothing at the minute. I've sent a telegraph to the Sheriff in Yuma asking for more information"
"Sadie I've got to get to Yuma"  Bishop said
"I think the Sheriff is right we should sit tight until we hear back from Yuma"
Bishop gave the Sheriff a hard glance "Ok I'll wait a day"
The Sheriff  shivered, from the look Bishop had given him.
"Bishop I promise the minute I get word back, you'll know it"
"Also I've got an idea how to get to Yuma quicker"
"Well we can load the horses up on the train and take it to Yuma, from there we go horse back"
"Not a bad Idea Sheriff that should save us days on the trail"
"Not to put a stopper in your planning but lunch is getting cold" Sadie said
Pulling up a chair, Bishop looked around at everyone, "I'm not much at saying Grace but I will say this, God help my brother if he is guilty and if he ain't God help the ones who did this to him.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dead End Paragraph Daily in Rough Draft

Paragraph Daily........ Rough Draft  Pre-Order Today

"Sheriff  it says here he robbed a stage coach and killed everyone there so how do they know what he looks like?"
"Yea I caught that too, so I sent a telegraph to the Sheriff in Yuma asking the same question and what was the latest information"
"I can't believed Billy killed anyone, he was a quiet kid, shy as you could imagine"
"Bishop people change"
"I can't believe it"
Walking in silence, Bishop was deep in thought, What could of gone wrong, he asked himself.
Bishop knew he had to find Billy and quick before he ended up dead.
"Bishop I know how you are, just take a breath until we get word back from Yuma"
"Sheriff you know I can't do that, I need to find Billy"
"You have know idea where to look"
"I'll start at Yuma"

Sadie stood there with her arms crossed with a frown "What about Yuma"
"Sadie it's my brother Billy, he is in trouble"
"What kind of trouble?"
Looking uncomfortable as he said "They say he robbed a Stage and killed everyone"
Her hand went to her mouth as she said "Oh my God Bishop"
"Sadie I don't believe it"
"What if he did?"
"Than it's up to me to bring him in before some bounty hunter or itchy finger lawman tries to bring him in"

Monday, November 16, 2015

Paragraph Daily is Back......Read my new book in Rough Draft...

Paragraph Daily....Rough Draft...On Sale Dec 15th, Pre-order Today..

Taking another look over the town before he climbed down, he felt like the town was mostly back to were it was before that night 6 months ago,  Sadie and his job was almost done here and than what?
Maybe they would stay or maybe find another place, this one they had grew close to in the short time they've been here.
Even the towns people were making comments about them staying on.
Bishop looked up at the blaring sun, wiping his head with his shirt sleeve "Well if I know one thing for sure, it's hotter then hell up here" he said mainly to himself.
"You coming down today?" Sheriff Allen yelled up
"Hold your horses Sheriff I'm coming"
"I ain't getting any younger Bishop" 
Stepping off the ladder Bishop turned to the Sheriff
"Well Sheriff, let's have some Lunch"
"Bishop I need to talk to you for a minute, Sadie we'll catch up"
"Ok you two don't be getting any idea's about skipping Lunch for a drink"
Bishop caught the look of concern on the Sheriffs  face
"Sadie we'll be right there I promise"
Hesitating Sadie looked from the Sheriff to Bishop and said "Ok don't let the food get cold"
After she left Sheriff Allen pulled a folded paper from his pocket and handed it to Bishop.
"The train brought this poster here for me to hang"
Bishop opened it up and stared at it...
He hadn't seen Billy for several years but this sure looked like him.
Bishop did not want his reputation to follow him to his family and cause harm to them so he stayed away.
But from the poster he could see that maybe he should of gone home more often, because his kid brother was on the wrong side of the $25,000 worth of  the wrong-side.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Book Out Summer of 2016 "The Kraken Effect"

Rough Draft....

A wild goose chase for sure, but who was he to question Mother Russia?
But now they were on the edge of a discovery that would gain them all medals…if they lived long enough to enjoy it.
Captain Maslow announced “Lieutenant Vaelbe mark our location, date and time”
“Sir location marked, Date: 17th, July 1962
Perfect he thought, all eyes are on the Leninskiy Komsomol at the North Pole, a perfect decoy for him and his crew at the bottom of the world.
Grasping the periscope, he looked around the room, it was the first time he noticed the pungent smell of sweat mixed with oil in the control room.
Searching the faces in the room for any hope that may be left he said,
"Men we are on the eve of a discovery that has evaded mankind for thousands of years"
Cheers rose from the men, as the Captain turned his cap around and peered through the periscope.
Quickly he turned it another direction, than another as if he was searching for something..
The laughter turned into silence as the seconds turned into minutes as they patiently waited for some words from the Captain.
Frantically he swung the periscope left than right and around as if  he  couldn't believe what he saw.
"Mother of God" escaped his lips...
Behind him he heard a scream as his name was called…
“Captain Maslow I hereby remove you from command”
The Captain pulled his eyes from the periscope and stared at his pistol that was aimed at his heart and the hand that was holding it ..slowly he lifted his eyes and looked into the face of insanity.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Read my latest (NaNoWriMo) Ebook in rough draft..A paragraph a day....

This is NaNoWriMo Month watch my book progress

Paragraph Daily....


"Son of a bitch", throwing the hammer down, Bishop looked at his bloody finger.
If  I  keep this up I'm not going have any fingers left he thought.
"Did I hear something up there?"  He heard Sadie yelling at him.
"I heard that".
Bishop started laughing," I'm not much of a carpenter I guess he yelled down to her".
"Well come on down it's lunch time and the Sheriff needs to talk to you".

They had been here for the last 6 months helping the towns people rebuild after the big fire engulfed most of it.
Six months since he killed the outlaws that started it all...
Three months since Sadie and him married..
Bishop had been pushed into being an outlaw, a gunfighter early in his life.
Sometimes  bad people needed killin'  and Bishop Hannigan had been a fixer of bad people  bringing rights to the wrongs.
Tall and muscular, Bishop topped 6'2" and 200lbs, but even at that he still had to use his 45 Colt at times and god save the people on the other end of it.
He was tired of the trail and was ready to settle down when he found Sadie, together they workd hard at rebuilding this small town that had been burnt to the foundations.
Bishop had been feeling  restless lately, he tried to hide it from Sadie but he was sure she knew, how couldn't she? how many times did she find him staring out onto the plains?  Saddling his horse for a "Short Ride" only to be gone for hours.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

DEAD END Read a Pararaph Daily from my New Rough Draft form..

Paragraph Daily....Rough Draft...

"I once knew a man from Idaho, now that was a man I'd ride the trail with again, none the better"
"What was his name" Billy asked
"Well I'll be, that's my Paw" Billy mustered,
"Yea right and I've got some coyote skins I'll sell ya"
"Sam, Frank is my paw"
"Now is it, Did he ever tell you about Comanche Trail?"
Billy smiled, "He never was at Comanche Trail he wanted to, but a buddy of his came up sick...Lucky for both of them I'd say"
"That was me that came up sick" Sam said
"How is Frank? I hadn't seen him in years"
Billy looked down at the ground, feeling the cold of the night he said, "He died several years back"
"Sorry to hear that, he was a good man"
"Look son, I'm putting you in jail for your own safety, if I don't those outlaws will kill you for this here gold, hell maybe both of us still".
"Billy I owe your paw, he got me out of a scrape or two when we rode together, So lets put the gold in the bank safe and sort all this out"
"Sam I need that Gold, we need it"
"Billy you need to tell me where you hid the gold"
"Son if it wasn't for the killings at the stage I might of been able to get you out of the thief of the gold if you returned it"
Kicking at the dirt Billy spun around, "Sam I didn't kill anyone, someone else must of had robbery intensions but came too late"
"Billy calm down, I'll telegraph your family maybe we can sort this out before the judge gets here".
"Sam sorry for hitting you, I misread what was going on"
Grimacing as he Touched his head Sam said "Yea well I owe you one"
 Billy studied Sam for a moment looking for a sign he was kidding before he grinned and turned around walking to jail.
Billy knew he couldn't wait around for the judge he had to get to Moab with that Gold.
 He didn't kill anyone and he sure as hell wasn't going to hang for something he didn't do, hopefully the telegraph will get to Bishop and soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Paragraph Daily...DEAD END at Four Corners, Nevada

Paragraph Daily-Rough Draft

The Doc was already working on Jimmy, when Vince got back inside.
Jimmy looked at Vince " I'm OK that old bastard about kill'd me but Doc here says if I stay on my back for a week or two I'll be fine isn't that right Doc" ?
"Yea it's an in and out wound far enough to the side it missed most vitals. But to be sure he has to stay off his feet and let it mend"..
Vince thought for a moment, "yea thats fine Jimmy we got a reason to stay here for a bit, a real good reason".

Billy turned on Sam, "So your on all this, I thought you were the Sheriff?"
"Take it easy Billy I just saved your hide back there and no I'm not in on it, But they've got the upper hand here"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean Vince and his crew blew in a couple of weeks ago and just took control"
"But your the law Sam"
"So what!  He has  six guns with him and I've only got me, what did you expect me to do?"
Billy just stood there shaking his head, "I expect you to let me go"
"Now Billy you know I can't do that, they will kill me and Betty"
"Like hell Sam"
"Billy get going before they notice us talking"
With that Sam shoved him again with the shotgun.
"Billy I've got a plan to save us but you still have to answer to the judge when he gets here"
"Sam I need to get back to Moab"
"Son you might not every get back"
Billy tried to think, to figure out a way to get free but with a shotgun riding your ribs it seemed impossible.
"Sam can you do one thing for me ?"
" What, Let you go?" Sam laughed
"No telegraph my family in Idaho"
Sam eyed Billy up and down "you got family in Idaho?"
"Yea I hadn't seen them in years, I think it's time"
"We'll see"

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Read a Paragraph Daily of my New Book.."Dead End"

Paragraph Daily...

"Whose side are you on Sam?"
"I'm the law Vince and the gold and Billy are under my protection until the Judge gets here"
"Now stand back or I'm I going to have to cut you in half"
Punching Billy again "Vince said We'll finish this later Boy"
Billy fell to his knees gasping for breath.
Billy wasn't worried about how long he could hold out, he was worried about what was going to happen to Sara and her family if he didn't get back in time with the Gold...
Tasting blood in his mouth Billy struggled to his feet.
Vince drew back his fist to strike again and Sam said "Hold it right there Vince the boy has had enough, boys back up now unless you want to be digging buckshot out of your hide, I've got to lock him up for now".
Turning to Vince, Sam said "Vince this can wait, I'm the law and this kid broke it so he is my prisoner now. the judge will be here in a couple of days and he will get his due"..
Sam point at the Saloon doors and said, "Vince you need to be worried about your brother"
Vince drew in a breath as a hint of remembrance crossed his face "Shit"  he started back into the Saloon  but before he went through the door he turned to Billy "This isn't over boy, not by a long shot"!
Billy lips thinned as he snarled "I'll be waiting"
Jabbing Billy in the back with his shot gun, Sam said, "Ok son lets head on over to the Restaurant they got a potato cellar that has only one door and it's a mighty sound door at that

Monday, November 2, 2015

Read a Paragraph Daily in Rough Draft ...Pre-Order Now!

Paragraph Daily
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No Escape

Billy ran right into a Winchester...
"Well look what we have here boys, looks like we have a runner"
Vince burst through the doors and yells “hold onto him”
"Don't worry boss we got him"
Billy couldn't do anything but stand there holding his saddlebags.
Vince walked up to him holding his hand that was now wrapped with a blood dripping rag.
"Ok kid open the saddlebags"
"Go to hell"
The cowboy with the winchester, shoved the barrel into his gut folding Billy over.
Billy fought to catch his breath as Vince took his saddlebags from him.
The cowboy with the winchester pulled Billy's 45 from it’s holster "Well you won’t be needing this" and stuck it into his belt.
"Boys looks like this boy did all the hard work for us now wasn’t that nice of him?"
"Yea, Vince nice guy too bad his gotta die"
"Yea too bad Vince said"
Vince Looked at Billy, "Where is the Gold?"
"Go fuck yourself"
Vince hit him hard "I ain't going to ask twice"
"Now you boys hold on" Sam said as he came through the saloon doors.
"You can't up and kill him"
"And why not" Vince said
“Because this here shotgun says so"
Sam leveled the shotgun at Vince
"Son of a bitch"