Monday, November 2, 2015

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No Escape

Billy ran right into a Winchester...
"Well look what we have here boys, looks like we have a runner"
Vince burst through the doors and yells “hold onto him”
"Don't worry boss we got him"
Billy couldn't do anything but stand there holding his saddlebags.
Vince walked up to him holding his hand that was now wrapped with a blood dripping rag.
"Ok kid open the saddlebags"
"Go to hell"
The cowboy with the winchester, shoved the barrel into his gut folding Billy over.
Billy fought to catch his breath as Vince took his saddlebags from him.
The cowboy with the winchester pulled Billy's 45 from it’s holster "Well you won’t be needing this" and stuck it into his belt.
"Boys looks like this boy did all the hard work for us now wasn’t that nice of him?"
"Yea, Vince nice guy too bad his gotta die"
"Yea too bad Vince said"
Vince Looked at Billy, "Where is the Gold?"
"Go fuck yourself"
Vince hit him hard "I ain't going to ask twice"
"Now you boys hold on" Sam said as he came through the saloon doors.
"You can't up and kill him"
"And why not" Vince said
“Because this here shotgun says so"
Sam leveled the shotgun at Vince
"Son of a bitch"

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