Monday, November 16, 2015

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Taking another look over the town before he climbed down, he felt like the town was mostly back to were it was before that night 6 months ago,  Sadie and his job was almost done here and than what?
Maybe they would stay or maybe find another place, this one they had grew close to in the short time they've been here.
Even the towns people were making comments about them staying on.
Bishop looked up at the blaring sun, wiping his head with his shirt sleeve "Well if I know one thing for sure, it's hotter then hell up here" he said mainly to himself.
"You coming down today?" Sheriff Allen yelled up
"Hold your horses Sheriff I'm coming"
"I ain't getting any younger Bishop" 
Stepping off the ladder Bishop turned to the Sheriff
"Well Sheriff, let's have some Lunch"
"Bishop I need to talk to you for a minute, Sadie we'll catch up"
"Ok you two don't be getting any idea's about skipping Lunch for a drink"
Bishop caught the look of concern on the Sheriffs  face
"Sadie we'll be right there I promise"
Hesitating Sadie looked from the Sheriff to Bishop and said "Ok don't let the food get cold"
After she left Sheriff Allen pulled a folded paper from his pocket and handed it to Bishop.
"The train brought this poster here for me to hang"
Bishop opened it up and stared at it...
He hadn't seen Billy for several years but this sure looked like him.
Bishop did not want his reputation to follow him to his family and cause harm to them so he stayed away.
But from the poster he could see that maybe he should of gone home more often, because his kid brother was on the wrong side of the $25,000 worth of  the wrong-side.

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