Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Read a Paragraph Daily of my New Book.."Dead End"

Paragraph Daily...

"Whose side are you on Sam?"
"I'm the law Vince and the gold and Billy are under my protection until the Judge gets here"
"Now stand back or I'm I going to have to cut you in half"
Punching Billy again "Vince said We'll finish this later Boy"
Billy fell to his knees gasping for breath.
Billy wasn't worried about how long he could hold out, he was worried about what was going to happen to Sara and her family if he didn't get back in time with the Gold...
Tasting blood in his mouth Billy struggled to his feet.
Vince drew back his fist to strike again and Sam said "Hold it right there Vince the boy has had enough, boys back up now unless you want to be digging buckshot out of your hide, I've got to lock him up for now".
Turning to Vince, Sam said "Vince this can wait, I'm the law and this kid broke it so he is my prisoner now. the judge will be here in a couple of days and he will get his due"..
Sam point at the Saloon doors and said, "Vince you need to be worried about your brother"
Vince drew in a breath as a hint of remembrance crossed his face "Shit"  he started back into the Saloon  but before he went through the door he turned to Billy "This isn't over boy, not by a long shot"!
Billy lips thinned as he snarled "I'll be waiting"
Jabbing Billy in the back with his shot gun, Sam said, "Ok son lets head on over to the Restaurant they got a potato cellar that has only one door and it's a mighty sound door at that

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