Tuesday, October 25, 2016

C.A. DAYHOFF: New Short Story Ebook in the Works

C.A. DAYHOFF: New Short Story Ebook in the Works: To give me a break on my novel The Kraken Effect I'm working on a short story for a couple of weeks.... First Rough Draft Prolog...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Short Story Ebook in the Works

To give me a break on my novel The Kraken Effect
I'm working on a short story for a couple of weeks....

First Rough Draft Prologue:

"The sun beat down on his worn out body, too many miles, too many days without a decent meal had lead him to this point, laying in a ditch next to a worn old road that lead to the next town of broken down farms, saloons full of prostitutes and wanna-be gunslingers looking to make a name for himself.
Yea, Ben thought, I'm tired of all this shit, maybe I'll just lay here until I become vulture food.
But wasn't in the cards, A promise was all he had left in this world, and from it he sucked in a breath only to have it turn into a bloody cough
Ben felt for blood, and found a pool of it lay in the middle of his chest, warm..wet, Ben knew he had to move before they came back to finish the job.
Rolling over he fought to get up on his hands and knee's but the strength wasn't there, falling back to his side, he gasped as the pain shot through him like a hot knife.
The pain subsided enough for him to Look around and he saw a small farm across the road.
Fighting the pain, Ben rolled to his stomach and started to crawl.
The trail of blood was easy enough to find in the daylight but it was close to midnight as the four Horsemen rode up to the ditch
"Goddammit Smithy, you said he was dead" Jake said
"He was I swear it, this must not be the spot"
"How in the hell can it not be? Look around, this is the spot"
"I can't see shit" Jake said
"You two shut the hell up" Big John said,
"He has to be around here somewhere, he was too shot up to get too far" Big John said
"Well we aren't going to find anything in this dark" Smithy said
"And we are not letting him get away again" Big John bellowed
"Big John, we all agree and we will get this low life snake, But it's too dark and like you said how far can he get all shot up"
"Frank we can't let him get away" Big John said
"Look Big John, We'll leave Smithy here since he can;t tell alive person from a dead one and Jake his buddy can stay too" Frank said
"Ah com'mon  I don't want to stay out here, I want to go back to the Saloon"
Big John walked up on Smithy "Shut the hell up smithy, this is all your fault"
Jake took a couple of steps back, just in case lead started flying 
Smithy looked up to the man standing in front of him...He had to be at least a foot taller and 100lbs heavier and Smithy felt the blood flow from his face and he was glad no one could see him shaking in the dark.
"Ok Big John, I want to kill that bastard for sure this time"
"Ok let's git and we'll be back at first light, Don't let him get away or your going to be in worse shape than him" Frank said"