Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Book Out Summer of 2016 "The Kraken Effect"

Rough Draft....

A wild goose chase for sure, but who was he to question Mother Russia?
But now they were on the edge of a discovery that would gain them all medals…if they lived long enough to enjoy it.
Captain Maslow announced “Lieutenant Vaelbe mark our location, date and time”
“Sir location marked, Date: 17th, July 1962
Perfect he thought, all eyes are on the Leninskiy Komsomol at the North Pole, a perfect decoy for him and his crew at the bottom of the world.
Grasping the periscope, he looked around the room, it was the first time he noticed the pungent smell of sweat mixed with oil in the control room.
Searching the faces in the room for any hope that may be left he said,
"Men we are on the eve of a discovery that has evaded mankind for thousands of years"
Cheers rose from the men, as the Captain turned his cap around and peered through the periscope.
Quickly he turned it another direction, than another as if he was searching for something..
The laughter turned into silence as the seconds turned into minutes as they patiently waited for some words from the Captain.
Frantically he swung the periscope left than right and around as if  he  couldn't believe what he saw.
"Mother of God" escaped his lips...
Behind him he heard a scream as his name was called…
“Captain Maslow I hereby remove you from command”
The Captain pulled his eyes from the periscope and stared at his pistol that was aimed at his heart and the hand that was holding it ..slowly he lifted his eyes and looked into the face of insanity.

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