Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Paragraph Daily...DEAD END at Four Corners, Nevada

Paragraph Daily-Rough Draft

The Doc was already working on Jimmy, when Vince got back inside.
Jimmy looked at Vince " I'm OK that old bastard about kill'd me but Doc here says if I stay on my back for a week or two I'll be fine isn't that right Doc" ?
"Yea it's an in and out wound far enough to the side it missed most vitals. But to be sure he has to stay off his feet and let it mend"..
Vince thought for a moment, "yea thats fine Jimmy we got a reason to stay here for a bit, a real good reason".

Billy turned on Sam, "So your on all this, I thought you were the Sheriff?"
"Take it easy Billy I just saved your hide back there and no I'm not in on it, But they've got the upper hand here"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean Vince and his crew blew in a couple of weeks ago and just took control"
"But your the law Sam"
"So what!  He has  six guns with him and I've only got me, what did you expect me to do?"
Billy just stood there shaking his head, "I expect you to let me go"
"Now Billy you know I can't do that, they will kill me and Betty"
"Like hell Sam"
"Billy get going before they notice us talking"
With that Sam shoved him again with the shotgun.
"Billy I've got a plan to save us but you still have to answer to the judge when he gets here"
"Sam I need to get back to Moab"
"Son you might not every get back"
Billy tried to think, to figure out a way to get free but with a shotgun riding your ribs it seemed impossible.
"Sam can you do one thing for me ?"
" What, Let you go?" Sam laughed
"No telegraph my family in Idaho"
Sam eyed Billy up and down "you got family in Idaho?"
"Yea I hadn't seen them in years, I think it's time"
"We'll see"

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