Friday, October 30, 2015

Paragraph Daily...Read My New Book Daily

Paragraph Daily.....

The piano player started up with Dixie as Billy stared back and forth from Vince to Jim
"Sam better sends someone for the undertaker,” Billy said.
Sam started laughing, “Now ain’t you funny”
Vince look here we have a funny guy
A gray cloud passed over Billy's face...he started to understand now, they were all in it together, Sam, Vince, and Jim
So you sold out did ya, Sam.
Billy, money is money and we all need it, now hand over the gold and nobody needs to get hurt.
A shot rang out, Jim stumbled back holding his chest, blood filled his hands and wetting the front of his shirt.
Everyone's attention had been on Billy, so no one noticed Chuck pulling his gun for the last time.
Side stepping the Shotgun Billy grabbed it by the barrel and jerked it hard causing Sam to pull the triggers.
As the shotgun went off, Vince’s 45 flew From his grip, grabbing  his hand, Vince howled in pain.
As the gun smoked filled the air People scrambled to find a safe haven either out the front door or taking refuge behind tables.
Drawing his Colt, Billy pistol whipped Sam, picking up his saddle bags he flew out the door into the night.

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