Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My New Book "Dead End" A Paragraph a day...

Dropping from his saddle, a cloud of dust rose as Billy's boots hit the dirt.
His mouth felt like sandpaper, nothing that a cold drink won't fix he thought.
He had ridden hard just to get here, taking every back trail he could find, watching his back for a posse that was bound to be back there or some other followers with bad intentions.
  Only couple more days of riding and he could set things right.
He missed Sara, and the beautiful round valley where the cattle ranch lay.
Just thinking of getting back to it all with the life blood that would keep everything intact, so that he and Sara could get married.
Tired, hungry and thirsty but most of all he was free, Billy smiled, soon he'll be back to his love.
Over the top of his saddle he Looked around for any danger or signs someone had recognized him.
Doesn’t even look like this hole in the wall even has a Sheriff he thought,
Finally he could relax, nothing was out of place, just another few hours rest and he would be back.
Shifting his gaze, he grinned at the sight of the saloon as he listened to the music and sounds of voices drifting out.
He knew Sara wouldn't like him having a drink, She knew how he can get, from the drink.
Shoving that memory from his head, he told himself..Only one drink, food, bath and sleep that’s it.
He needed to get back on the trail by sunrise if he wanted to get back to Moab by Monday.
Looking around again he was satisfied nothing was out of place.
Nope this was just a normal town in the middle of nowhere, He just needed to rest his horse and get a good night sleep after so many days on the trail, eating beans and smelling his own filth.
Sleep, good food, bath and a drink not necessarily in that order was what he needed
How ironic he thought, standing in front of the Four Corners Saloon in Dead End, Nevada depending how which exit he took out of town is what state he would be in...Dead End yea right he laughed to himself.
Billy Slapped the dust off his hat as he wrapped the reins from his horse to the hitching post.
Turning to his horse he whispered in his ear, "Well old boy you carried me through again" patting the horse's neck, music and laughter were still filtering out of the Saloon."
"Just one drink and I'll take you to the stable he whispered to the horse".
"Hey mister" Looking back Billy saw a kid of 10-12 years of age. "Mister for two bits I'll take him to the stable and rub him down.."
"Sure kid and you'll take off with him, never to be seen again.."
"No Sir, just trying to make some money for my maw," Noticing the kid had a black eye, Billy asked
"Kid what happened to your face?"

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