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The many ways not to write..your next novel UPDATED Oct-2015


I've had sometime with some of these and learned something new


The many ways not to write..your next novel


Well it’s time to start writing again…a story is forming and my lead character is getting restless.  
It’s been 9 months since I wrote the last book of the series, I had decided to take a fork in the road and start another series in a complete different genre.
But now I’m back and ready to write book 3 of my Hannigan series.. But first I have to do something….

I have to make sure I’m using the perfect software for me and the job…Ok OK I know you don’t need software, a pen and paper can work just fine..ask anyone.

But I like the chase…the thrill..the download or maybe an online account which may or may not open the door for me to write that Perfect Novel or Novelette ..

First off I already own the best…the second best…the third..on….and on…

So what could be better then Scrivener ? or Writeway Pro or Writeitnow or Ywriter5 or Quoll Writer or Storybox2…Ostorybook 4.10…Plume Creator.. Liquid Story Binder(Deadware)...on and on

Maybe it’s a Online Fastpencil or Litlift..Hiveworld…Novlr…Truenovelist …Yarney or mywriting spot…writeitPro..

Or maybe it’s a in between writing program(Computer/Cloud?
Bibisco or Shaxpir  or….

And then we get into the distraction free programs… Your lucky I won’t get into those because I’m already distracted with finding the perfect software so I can get started writing…
Conclusion….Just Write!!!

But to make this a little more fun…

I like Scrivener but something keeps me from loving it…so I look...

Ywriter5 (FREE) is great.... but ugly…jezzzzzz give me some colors….

Writeitnow4 …tone down the colors I feel like I’m at Disney Land

WritewayPro… I like it..

Storybox 2   too much is going on …the screen is very busy

Quoll Writer.(FREE)… word count is to far away… Us writers like to know our counts…WAIT, I found you can have up to 3 panes open and one can be static's which includes Word Count-Readability and more... I'm liking this one more and more...!!

Ostorybook 4.10 (FREE)  Juror is still out…but looks promising

Plume Creator(Free)   I like it… simple but functional..I will write with it soon.(Ran into a clinch and now it's lost my settings..NOT GOOD because I've read about this happening So I feel this software isn't ready for prime-time)

Of the online programs(FREE)…I like  Fastpencil and Truenovelist the most.

In betweens….Bibisco…is the best and it's free
 Shaxpir is OK(Ran into problem or setting change in my computer and now after I type in my password and hit enter I get a blank screen..I've tried reinstalling..still the same, I tried contacting the company..NOTHING no support)..  

The winner is…

Scrivener Of course…. I always seem to finish with it after starting with another program… 

This time I’m going to start with Bibisco Liquid Story Binder because I like the flexibility of the program..I can have as many panes open as I want... Which means I can have inspiration quotes in one, Plot guide lines in another, Outline, on and on...
Not hard to get started... just remember
Binder is folder your story is in
Planner is the table of contents or tree
You build your chapters/everything from the planner...

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