Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Dead End" Paragraph Daily...

Paragraph Daily...
Rough Draft...

Billy heard a double click of a double barrel shot hammers being cocked behind him.
Glancing behind him he saw Sam had the shotgun up on the bar aimed at Jim and now he was wearing a Sheriff’s Star.
“Now Jim, stand down this has nothing to do with you”
“He is right Jimmy no need in you getting hurt,” Vince said
“Sheriff this no good, This bounty hunter has been on our tail for weeks”
“And rightfully so from what I gathered from the wanted posters”
“We didn’t rob that stage someone else got there before us”  Jimmy muttered.
“Chuck spoke up, yeah that's right Sheriff, good to know I have backup”
Chuck turned to Jimmy “Either your right or you and your brother are in with the cowboy who did rob the gold shipment”.
Turning back to Vince Chuck said, “Vince what I meant was I was on the trail of a robber or robbers who held up a gold shipment in Yuma and it brought me right to you”
Vince smiled as he asked, “ so did you find him?”
Billy started edging for the side door when he heard Sam behind him “Bill stay right where you are”
Two shots fired.
Swinging around, Billy saw Chuck Wright grab his chest as he staggered back from the force of the 45 slugs hitting him before he tumbled to the floor.
Billy straightened up and looked at Vince, what he saw made his blood run cold. Vince was smiling at him with an evil grin...
"Well, Well,  I’m guessing you're the cowboy old Chuck was trailing because I recognize everyone else here”.
Billy's hand moved towards his 45 Colt when he felt a nudge from behind.
“Son takes your hand from that leg iron or I’ll cut you in two with this here shotgun”.
"Sam what the hell is going on here" Billy pleaded?
“Looks like we have here the robber of that Yuma Stage and those saddle bags of yours I’m guessing  are full of gold”
“No one is taking my Gold”

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