Friday, October 23, 2015

Fourth Installment Of "Dead End" a paragraph daily ....

The end of Chapter One....

"Billy keep your eyes off my daughter Betty" Sam laughed,
Taking a breath, Billy said, "Sorry Sam I've been on the trail too long.
Betty spoke up "Paw leave him alone he didn't mean any harm"
She caught Billy's eyes with hers and held them for what seemed like hours, finally she smiled and looked away.
"Betty get upstairs and get a hot bath ready for this young man and
fresh sheets in room 6"
"Yes, paw" turning she headed up the staircase. A voice down the bar piped up "Well that's a fine woman there and it looks like she needs a man"
"Keep your mind in check stranger and your mouth shut that's my daughter"
"Who is going to make me barkeep?"
Billy watched as Sam's hand inched underneath the bar probably where he kept his shotgun.
"Barkeep if I was you I'd act like a rock and stop moving that hand or I'm going to take it personal"
"Yea and who are you mister".
"Chuck Wright"
Sam Froze...Billy noticed the 41 Colt Lightening strapped to his chest... Wright had his hat pulled low favoring his right side.
Not Now, Billy thought,
Quietly Billy said, "Sam stand down"
Sweat was beading up on Sam's forehead as he said.
"Look, Mister, I don't want any trouble, so tell you what, the next round is on the house"
Billy did a Whoop- whoop and everyone in the saloon started up too.
After the drinks had been poured, and the laughter died down, Billy asked Sam "You know who that is?"
"He's Bounty Hunter", Sam whispered
"Killed three men in El Paso about  six months ago, brutally shot one in the back as he tried to run away"...
So any idea why he is here?
Not a clue, other than he must be after someone.
Shit, Billy thought....

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