Thursday, October 22, 2015

Third Installment Of "Dead End" a paragraph daily ....

3rd Installment...Rough Draft

"I'm Billy Hannigan and you are?"
"Sam Butcher the owner of this fine establishment and part-time sheriff pleased to meet you"
Billy stared at him for a moment, until Sam stuck his hand out.
Muscles bulged from the Barkeeps forearms as his hand hung in mid-air
Billy could tell this was no life time barkeep this man has seen some trails.
 Breaking the tension, Billy grabbed it and said Well Sheriff
"Nice meeting you, now how about that good stuff"
Sam pulled a bottle of Whiskey out from underneath the bar.
"No problem anything else I can help you with?"
"Yea I need a room, a bath and a place to eat".
"Well, you're at the right place for most of your needs"...
"And Sam I need a telegraph office?"
Sam laughed "Sure but first let me get you a room ready and a hot bath"
Turning, Sam yelled into the back room "Betty we've got a paying customer he needs a room and a hot bath"
Loud noise imminent  from the end of the bar, an argument between two cowboys sounded pretty heated.
"Don't mind them, it's just some drifter,  Jim Calder and one of his hands".
"From the sound of it I'd say it's not friendly, Sam"…
“Yea something about being late or something like that".
Billy tried to drown out the arguing as he let the  whiskey moisten his mouth before it burned all the way down.
Sam pour me another and tell the piano player to kick it up a notch I'm getting tired of the noise.
A beautiful blond came out of the back room,  she was a beauty with her hair tied up high. Billy could see the white skin of her neck, it looked like fine china, his eyes drifted up to her mouth and her lips. She had the eyes of a wild animal, making the blood flow into his lower extremities.
Swallowing hard, Billy tried to find his voice but nothing left his lips, so he just sat there with his mouth gaped.

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