Monday, October 26, 2015

Paragraph A Day.. "Dead End" My latest Book in the Series "Hannigan"

Installment 5   "GOLD"


Hearing the room go silent Billy glanced down the bar at the cowboys that had been fighting.
The one called Jim Calder had walked out to the middle of the room.
“Hey, you, Big mouth what did you say about the Lady?”
“Well  look what we have here, a boy, and his come to save the day”.
It’s not the age that stands before you, it’s the miles that have worn my patients down for loud mouths like you.
Billy slowly turned around, he didn’t like the idea of getting shot in the back.
“Smart mouth too I see, before I kill you, sonny, what's your name?”
“Jim Calder, old man” Jim squared himself up as he stared at the bounty hunter.
Chuck Wright stood there for a moment looking unsure of himself.
“You know a Vince Calder?”
“Yea he is my brother”
Chuck started laughing, “So where is that good for nothing snake of a brother of yours?”
If the room could have got quieter it would of when a voice behind Chuck said, “Right Behind You”
Vince had made his way through the swinging doors without notice and now he stood right behind Chuck.
Slowly Chuck turned around, “Well well if it ain’t the snake eater himself the famous Vince Calder”.
Vince stared at him, “I thought we lost you at  High Plains”.
“You did, but I guess it’s my  lucky day, two for one”
Vince looked confused, “What do you mean two for one my brother isn’t wanted?”
“Well Vince no harm in telling you because you're either going to be dead or in jail by the end of the night”
“Like hell, Jim yelled

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