Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Dead End" Paragraph per day....


Rough Draft.....

 "Well you better get the Doc to take a look at that nothing"
Hearing the music and laughter coming from the Saloon again, Billy wiped his brow with his sleeve, his thirst just took a hike up about two notches.
"OK kid you've got yourself a deal but once you are done come over to the Saloon and I'll give you another two bits if you feed him some oats too"
"Thanks, Mister"
"It's Billy Hannigan"
"I'm Tom Shoemaker"
"Well, OK Tom let's shake on it"
Billy shook the kids hand
"Tom you better get that eye looked at"
"I will Mister"
Who hit you Tom?
Handing Tom the reins of his horse, he carefully lifted his saddle bags off his horse.
"Well Tom when you come for the two bits I want an answer on who hit you"
Tom looked like a scared rabbit getting ready to bolt.
"Yes Sir" he finally said while he held made a choking sound..
"You ok?"
"Yes Sir"
Okay take care of my horse Tom..
Heading for the Saloon, Billy tried not to show how heavy his gold filled saddle bags were.
Turning back to Tom, "Tom take it easy with him, talk to him he is a good horse".
"Yes Sir Mister Hannigan"
Shaking his head Billy pushed through the doors of the Saloon taking in his surroundings as he headed for the bar.
 What he saw was always the same in places like this, gamblers, saloon girls, drunks and Men who didn't want to be bothered, men that had something to hide.
Billy took it all in, he had learned from his brother Bishop how to enter a room sizing it up without anyone noticing. Knocking the dust from his hat one last time he noticed a vacant spot at the end of the bar that wasn't too close to anyone.
Billy didn't want to answer questions or catch any prying eyes, he just wanted a drink, a room, food and a hot bath.
"Whall have Mister?", the barkeep asked,
"Whiskey and not that cheap pig swill" Billy smiled back at him.
"Mister I'm here to tell you that all our whiskey is the cheap shit for people with no name"
Billy laughed at that

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